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Car Wash = Machine Tan

Recently I was asked, "What's the difference between you and a booth?". I didn't know how to respond, sure I tell people all the time the difference, but never have I been asked. All I said was, I get in the nitty-gritty of things. Under the boob, under the butt, inner thighs, you name it!

That answer sucked. Why don't I have a solid answer for this, I need to be able to tell someone that a custom spray tan is MUCH better than a machine/booth spray tan.

I was telling this to a new client, don't ask me how it got brought up. BUT, she had an answer! She said it's like a car wash (it will miss a spot or not clean the vehicle the way you want) or you hand wash it and know it's perfect (you double wash (in circles), rinse again and again, and wax). Her answer was PERFECT!

So again, what's the difference? The difference is that this is an experience, 30 minutes to yourself to get bare & bronzed! There is a price difference in a booth and custom, a machine is programmed to do one thing and have a specific technique and can adapt to you (and your body).

But hey, listen, if you like your booth tans and they work for you, great! If you know you're missing something in your tan or the belly of the arm is always whiter than the top, book a custom spray tan. Look and feel amazing.

Be like Katie, get the custom.


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