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See the potential of your skin through our curated treatments

Exfoliate away!

My blogs will be short and sweet! Before your spray tan, you need to get all the dry skin or leftover tan OFF! You know when you paint a...

No reason is a good reason..

How many times has your spray tan made you feel confident and beautiful? All hands raised?! That's what I thought. I know it is hard to...

Be Nice!

This needs to be said, BE KIND TO YOUR SERVICE PROVIDERS. There I said it..if you're not ready to read some tough love then leave now. I...

Period Schmeriod

This topic isn't something people talk about, but here we are, we're going to talk about it. Your period comes every month. The worst,...

Can I Wax?

Heck yes, you can! There are some rules when it comes to waxing leading up to or after your tan. Rule #1 Get ANY body waxing done 2-3...

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