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How the heck did I start?!

Almost every tan I have I am asked how I started doing this.

Tanning is in my blood. (yes, dramatic) My first time in a tanning bed I was maybe 13, too young. We had a tanning bed in the basement and we were getting ready to go Dells in the dead of winter. When my dad asked if I wanted a little color before we went to our resort (that had a water park) I was ready to start my 20-minute nap.

Fast forward to high school, I started helping at the gym (it had just gotten tanning beds) and I knew my way around beds. I was tanning EVERY SINGLE DAY in a stand-up. I was DARK! (on my way to being a leather bag) Then came my first, awful fever blister, this is what I get for overexposing my skin. I chilled out on the bed and started getting custom spray tans from a girl in town for dances.

Finally, I turned 18 and lived in a different town. I started my job at a tanning salon that had tanning beds and custom spray tans. The journey of custom spray tanning had begun! I loved it, loved my time getting to know clients and watching their eyes light up. I left that salon and jumped to a new one. I was tanning so much! I'm talking SWEAT after the fourth back to back tan. It was magical.

Then a junior at Western Kentucky University (GO TOPS!), paying for a monthly tanning membership (tanning beds & booth tans). Sun Tan City had this bed, this bed was only 8 minutes, it had bulbs on bulbs. I felt the tingle in my lip, fever blister the next day. This one was the worst I have ever had.

Christmas happened, money was given, a spray tan gun was bought. At first, it was for just spraying myself, and then I slowly started telling people. I before I knew it I was having enough money to get my nails done and contribute to groceries or gas. I was able to meet so many amazing girls!

Graduation came quick, more money flowed in. A new, badass gun was bought. I have started all over trying to build clientele and networking. Has it been easy, no? Has it been fun, YES! I am now a college graduate with a job in the field I want and have an amazing side job. A side job that will one day be THE job!

I can't wait to see what next year has in store!


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