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Exfoliate away!

My blogs will be short and sweet!

Before your spray tan, you need to get all the dry skin or leftover tan OFF! You know when you paint a wall and you try painting over the old color without a primer? Well, it looks like crap then doesn't it? That's why you gotta prime!

About 3-4 days before your tan is when you should be focusing on exfoliating. Make sure to dry brush, use your exfoliating mitt, shave, exfoliating bar, and your waxing! Never ever EVER do this the day of or day before your tan. When your pores are wide open they will be filled with the tanning solution and look like little blackheads. gross. If you MUST shave or wax the day of, it's not the end of the world.

So exfoliate away before your next appointment!!

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