Be Nice!


There I said it..if you're not ready to read some tough love then leave now.

I know during the holidays or leading up to your wedding is STRESSFUL. This does not mean you take that out on me. I do everything I can to provide you an amazing experience and I do not need to be rushed. Listen, if you are busy and can't fit everything in, cancel the tan. Your spray tan is not life or death (actually it's life), I understand life is crazy.

For example, I am in and out in under 30 minutes for one tan. Please do not ask if I can be quicker or be there earlier. My books are open and that is the time I have available.

Yes, I know COVID has changed things, it has for EVERYONE, not just you. I wear a mask and gloves. I do my very BEST to be safe for you and for me. What I DON'T need is rudeness. Do not speak to me like I am nothing, I am something. I am the person seeing you naked and giving you a spray tan. No, I will never be petty and give you a bad spray tan, what I will do is not let you get a spray tan by me ever again.

So be nice to your service providers, please.


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