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So many times I am asked, What is a #mobilespraytan. This is going to be an in-depth, all answered question blog post. If you want the short version, there are other blog posts and all over my IG stories. Here we GO!

Before you consider booking your tan get to know me. Visit my FB page or my IG (usually I am on my stories talking or sharing something with my followers every day) and see if you feel comfortable with me coming into your home to give you the most AMAZING #spraytan! Even on my website, (also on my IGTV) there is a video of a mobile tan!

Alright, so if all of your questions were answered now is the time to book! If you still have questions then hit me! I am going to go over the popular questions BUT I have a blog with tons of Q&As.

Where do I travel to? With being mobile I am pretty flexible and even more flexible if you have two or more friends getting a tan. I give myself 30 minutes of travel time in between #spraytans and anything outside of 15mi from me (Swansea area, IL side) will have a small travel fee. For example, 20mi $5, 25mi $10 but there are always ways to get a discount! Like I said, get a group of girls together for a fun night and receive some awesome discounts!

What do I wear? It is up to you! Some wear nothing, somewhere top and bottom, some do either or, it honestly doesn't make a difference to me. Now before you start thinking, oh my gosh she's going to see that zit on my boob. No, probably won't even see it! When I am giving a #spraytan I am too focused on making sure it is applied evenly, matching your skin tone nicely, and overall making sure you are comfortable. Some people will say at the end how much they hate something about themselves and I get to honestly say I didn't see it. That's why I have a rule, NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT YOURSELF DURING YOUR TAN. Yes, I need to use all caps because guess what, YOU'RE FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.

What's better, rapid, or standard solution? Honestly, it is ALL preference. This is how I answer the question, do you want to be sticky for 2-4 hours or 8-10? The only true difference is that the rapid will still take the same amount of time to FULLY develop. At your appointment, we can go more in-depth on which one works better for you.

I hope this helps like I said, reach out with any and all questions.

xo, Hailee

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