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Hey Mommy!

"Are spray tans safe if I'm pregnant?" "My boobs have gotten so big don't judge!" "I can't see my feet, I don't know what things look like down there!" "I sweat all of the time."

Getting spray tans are easy and fun while you're pregnant. If you still have any questions after reading this please reach out!

First off, I do ask that you check with your doctor. I can give you the list of ingredients and they can run through them! During your tan I will give you nose plugs, it's a strange feeling but you don't realize they are there after a while. Inhaling the solution is minimal to none!

I tan all soon-to-be momma's in rapid solution. You will be able to rinse off in 2-4 hours, this helps if you are sweating a lot. Plus you might be running a little hotter these days, fan on high until you can rinse off.

The tent is a judgment FREE zone! There are never negative comments allowed while you are getting a tan. You are beautiful.

Let's GLOW!


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