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Summertime & Spray Tans!

Summer is a great time for spray tans! Yes, you read that right. I want you to continue to take care of your skin during the summer. The summer brings on intense UV exposure, which can cause sunburns. Let's break down the stages of sunburn and how it affects a spray tan.

Storytime! You have a wedding in a week..but you get a sunburn!

Day 1 - You were in the sun all day and applied SPF once. Shame on you. Now you are bright red with BRIGHT white tan lines.

Day 2 - The sunburn is still very red and painful. Your spray tan is in 2 days, surely it will fade by then.

Day 3 - Ahhh, it is finally settling down.

Day 4 - Spray tan day, best day of the week!

Day 5 - After my rinse, it looked like this! How do I fix this!?

You can't, you can exfoliate and try to blend.

Another example, it's been almost 2 weeks since you had slight redness from your sunburn. You do not have to bubble or peel for the sunburn to affect the spray tan. That skin is already doing it thing, shedding the damaged skin and creating new. The spray tan will look like this.

Sunburns and spray tans do not go together. The sunburn is already irritated and dry from the over-exposure to the sun. The burnt skin is in a hybrid cell turnover. Wear your sunscreen and stay in the shade. Please

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