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Ultimate Spray Tan Experience

I was recently asked what my mobile spray tans were like. I do everything in my power to give you the most relaxing, fun, spray tan!

From the moment you inquire or book your tan, I am your BEST FRIEND! I will answer all the questions, there are no stupid questions. I would rather you ask than not and use google. I am your google.

The week of your tan you receive an email, it has your tan waiver, information on how to prep, and an AMAZING video on how the process works. I say "process" loosely, processes are boring and long. This is far from boring and not long at all.

It's the day of your tan, you're nervous and wondering if this spray tan will really be awesome. I want you to get all the negative things about spray tans. This is different, I am different.

I arrive at your home, usually early. (I try to be very punctual) It's 2021, my mask is down when I arrive at your door. I want you to know my smile is genuine and warm when I meet you for the first time. I walk in your door, my mask is's game time!

We chit chat, I get to know you while I set up my gear. You're eyeing everything I do, my tent is weird, my solution looks dark in the spray gun. You're thinking, what the hell am I getting myself into.

It's time to get undressed, this is when you ask me if you can just wear your underwear. Yes girl, you can wear underwear or nothing at all! Now the actual spray tan is COLD. You will shiver and most likely hate me just a little bit.

You're watching the color touch your skin, we're chatting about life. You're LOVING this glow of your skin. We finish up and you feel STICKY! I know this is the worst part of the spray tan. I do my best to dry your body until you are comfortable. In my signature tan, we finish the tan with drying powder. It's a game-changer. You are able to get dressed as soon as I am done. I pick up and pack up my things!

Don't think this is the last you hear from me. I touch base with you a few days after your tan, I check-in and make sure you're in love with it. I don't stop there, I believe in handwritten snail mail. You will get a thank you card from me because you supported my small business.

Ready to get your spray tan that is amazing, cold as hell and a tad bit sticky.


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